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X-Men DOFP: Review

You know what I hate about movies nowadays - the fact that they don’t really have memorable themes anymore. I bet that if I ask you to hum the Indiana Jones theme you can do it in a second. But can you hum the theme from the Amazing Spider-Man films? I can’t hum it. But what I can hum is the X-men theme from the original trilogy. I missed that team – it’s actually one of my … [Read More...]

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TMNT “Pizza Face” Review

“How many times can you order the first one?” Warning: Possible spoilers for the new episode may follow bellow. The ninja turtles have had a lot of weird … [Read More...]

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TMNT “Newtralized” Review

“The Kraang is getting their kraangs handed to them by those who are not Kraang.” Warning: Spoilers ahead. In this week’s episode we saw the return of both the … [Read More...]

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Ninja Turtles On Imax

The new Ninja Turtles re-boot from Michael Bay will be re-mastered for IMAX. (I’m acting astonished.) The announced from the nice people at IMAX … [Read More...]


Godzilla Director Attached To First Star Wars Spin-Off

The director and writer for the first Star Wars spin-off movie have finally been announced. Gareth Edwards from the monster summer hit Godzilla will be … [Read More...]


Stan The Man Talks About David Goyer’s Insane Opinion On She-Hulk

David Goyer, the writer for the new superhero movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, recently had the insane theory that the She-Hulk was nothing more than … [Read More...]


Guardians of the Galaxy: Second Trailer

So there is a new trailer for Marvel’s weirdest movie – Guardians of the Galaxy. Check it out below, and for my full review of the trailer where I talk about … [Read More...]


The 5 Minute Flash Trailer Is Here!

The full trailer for the new CW TV show The Flash (2014) is here and it looks amazing. The Flash is a spin-off from the already popular CW’s Arrow … [Read More...]

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What You Need To Know About: X-Men DOFP End-Credits Scene

If you have stuck until the end-credits at the end of the X-men Days of Future Past film you know that there is a scene that promises something really big in … [Read More...]


Listen To 18 Songs From “Guardians of the Galaxy”

“Hooked on a Filling” is a great song and will probably be forever associated with this movie from now on. However, in the last trailer we saw that the main … [Read More...]


Trailer Talk: The Five Minute Flash Trailer

Hello and welcome to Trailer Talk. The place where we take a look at a trailer and point out the cool things in it and the things that you might have missed the … [Read More...]


First Teaser Trailer for “The Flash” Is Here

The first official Trailer for the tv series of the scarlet speedster “The Flash” is finally here it looks pretty awesome. Check it out bellow: For those … [Read More...]


NBC “Constantine” Official Trailer

Let’s explore the dark and mystical part of the DC Comics universe with John Constantine. I often complain that the trailers nowadays show you the entire … [Read More...]